Sunday, October 1, 2017

Some nice videos I saw recently

Recently, I watched some really nice talks, and here are some of them that gave me a lot of ideas:

Andrew Ng - AI is the new electricity! 

Key messages:
Supervised learning -> Transfer learning -> Unsupervised learning -> Reinforcement learning, this is are in the order of decreasing the generated value in the industry.  Maybe the same in academia. Also, I agree that AI is the new electricity.

Ruchir Puri - Engineering the future of AI for business

Key messages:
How to learn from small data instead of big data? That is how to generalize well from a small dataset. Like a baby, he or she only sees a few pictures of dogs and cats, but then they can recognize most of the new images with different dogs and cats, there must be a way to do small data learning well!

Feifei Li - ImageNet, where have we been? Where are we going?

Key messages:

“Datasets - not algorithms - might be the key limiting factor to development of human-level artificial intelligence” - Alexander Wissner, this presentation gives a very nice history of the development of imagenet and how it started the deeplearning revolution. It advocates the importance of data, and the idea behind it is very interesting!

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