Saturday, March 11, 2017

Guitar: Song for Father

父亲 (Father)

This is the song I played for my father for his birthday, it is by Chopstick Brothers. Now myself is a father of a two-year-old, and I realize how difficult my parents were to bring me up.

I found the English lyrics:

总是向你索取 却不曾说谢谢你
I’m always been asking and demanding, but I’ve never said thank you

直到长大以后 才懂得你不容易
Only after I grew up did I understand it wasn’t easy for you

每次离开总是 装做轻松的样子
Every time I left, you pretended to be at ease

微笑着说回去吧 转身泪湿眼底
gently smiling and told me to go on, only to turn away with tears in your eyes

多想和从前一样 牵你温暖手掌
Oh how I wish it was as it were in the past, to hold your warm hand                    

可是你不在我身旁 托清风捎去安康
but you are no longer by my side. May the wind brings you peace and health

时光时光慢些吧 不要再让你再变老了
Time, time, please go slow, so you won’t keep getting older

我愿用我一切 换你岁月长留
I’m willing to give everything I have so that you can live longer

一生要强的爸爸 我能为你做些什么
Dad, who has always pushed me to be better, what can I do for you?

Please accept my care for you, however incomparable it is [to what you gave me]

谢谢你做的一切 双手撑起我们的家
Thank you for everything you do, for supporting our family with all your might

总是竭尽所有 把最好的给我
always doing whatever you can, always giving me the best

我是你的骄傲吗 还在为我而担心吗
Am I your pride? Are you still worrying about me?

你牵挂的孩子啊 长大啦
The child you’ve always been concerned about, has grown up

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