Friday, February 17, 2017

Wife's painting: Mermaid transition

Today, my wife draws another painting which I think really cool - The mermaid transition. The original source is from the live model drawing she made yesterday. From this model drawing, she developed the whole idea. You can check out all my wife's paintings.

Mermaid transition

The artist - Fan's explanation.
Mermaid – the princess in the sea. At this moment, her beautiful fish tail is transforming into human feet, representing that she is getting out from her kingdom and going into the human world. She is excited about her new life but also fears her unknown future. Just like a mermaid, every girl is her parents’ princess. When she grows up, she leaves home to have her new life; she leaves school to go into the society. From a little girl, she grows up to be a real woman. No just girls, everyone is the same. We say goodbye to our past and welcome the new day. We get rid of our childishness and become a real human, facing the reality. At that moment, we are not just excited but also afraid about our unknown future. Sometimes, the real world isn’t as good as we expected, but we always have hope for the future. That’s what the sunshine in this painting implies – our hope. But the hope is not something we can really see; it’s always in our hearts. So, we cannot see the sun in this painting, but we know it’s there, just like our hope. 
The original idea is from the following drawing, which my wife drew yesterday from a drawing class. The pose from the model in her eyes somehow resonates the fairytale she learned before - The Little Mermaid. The first time when she left her home to university, she had a similar feeling, exciting while afraid of the unknown future. I can see the process is hard, but she handled very well since she always has hope in her heart. She knows what she wants, just like the mermaid, and stand up on her own feet. She seldom complains the hardness of life, and always has smile on her face. This also influenced me a lot in the past 11 years, no matter how hard the life is, how uncertain you are, keep the hope in your heart, and you will soon feel that life is great! I am so proud of my wife!

Live Model drawing


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