Friday, December 30, 2016

Goodbye 2016 and welcome 2017

The lovely 2016 will be soon replaced by the new, unexplored 2017. Looking back, I did a lot of things this year, here are some numbers related to them. I will use this as a brief summary of my leaving 2016:
1 - I built my 1st personal website - Qingkai's site
2 - 2 papers published (Link1Link2)
3 - I taught 3 workshops (python bootcampartificial neural networkMining Gmails)
4 - My family will have the 4th member next year (I made it this year)
5 - I read 5 books from cover to cover
6 - We visited 6 museums this year (Exploratorium, California Academy of Science, SF Moma, The Tech Museum of Innovation, Asian Art Museum, De Young Museum)
7 - I spent 7 days a week
8 - I visited 8 places outside of Bay Area (Pasadena, New York, Reno, San Diego, Austin, Palm Spring, Yosemite, Lassen)
9 - Attended 9 conferences (ShakeAlert Research meeting, Seismology student workshop at Lamont-Doherty, SSA, Data science faire, Scipy, PyData, SCEC, ERA meeting, AGU)
10 - Shockingly, I applied 10 faculty positions this year, not sure if I can get at least one response :-)
12 - I gave 12 public talks during this year
52 - All together, I wrote 52 blogs this year (including this one)
74 - I read 74 interesting scientific papers and write summary for each of them (started writing summary only in June this year)
101 - I bought a total of 101 printed books from Amazon (I am a book lover. My home is full of books that my wife constantly complains, I need buy fewer books next year)
366 - I have 366 days this year (who didn't?)
1115 - I have 1115 commits on my Github! 
The best of this year:
The best Chinese movie I watched - Goodbye Mr. Loser
The best English movie I watched - The Martian
The best book I read - In Praise of Simple Physics
The best place I visited - Lassen National Park
The best fun place I visited - SF Exploratorium
The best hiking place we found - Bon Tempe Lake

Goals for 2017

(1) Publish at least 3 papers
(2) Give 2 or 3 workshops
(3) Finish the following 5 books 
(4) Visit 10 museums
(5) Give 12 public talks
(6) Write 50 blogs (difficult, not sure if I still have enough time)
(7) At least finish 20 hiking (with a pregnant wife, it is also difficult)
(8) Read 200 interesting papers and write summary for each one of them

Goodbye 2016 and welcome 2017! Wish everyone has a great year ahead!

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