Sunday, August 28, 2016

The data scientists I admire most

The following is a short list of my hero in this field (no particular order, I just randomly think who I will add here), it may different from yours, or even missing some big figures. But remember, this is my list!

Geoff Hinton, from University of Toronto, who is one of the main force to push neural network, and deep learning forward. I especially love this video - The Deep Learning Saga
Michael Jordan from UC Berkeley. Just look at the list of his past students and postdocs, you will realize how many great experts he taught before! I took his class before, but at that moment, I can not understand all!
Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani I learned most of my machine learning knowledge from their books - An introduction to Statistical Learning and The Elements of Statistical Learning. If you don't know who invented Lasso method we just talked above, google it!
Andrew Ng, from Stanford. Most people knows Andrew probably from the Coursera machine learning course. Recently, he is very active in machine learning field.
Tom M. Mitchell, from Carnegie Mellon University. I first know him is from his book machine learning, a very readable introduction.
Yann LeCun, another driving force in deep learning. He is best known for his contribution in the convulutional neural networks.
Christopher Bishop, from University of Edinburdh. He was trained as a physicists, but then later became an expert in machine learning. His book Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning is another must have if you want to learn machine learning.
Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa, Caltech. I took his learning from data online, and it is my first step in machine learning!
Jake VanderPlas, University of Washington. I used so many tutorials and slides from him!

This lists will be updated in the future ^)^


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