Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PyData San Francisco 2016

I attended PyData San Francisco 2016. It is a nice short 2 day conference, even though I only made for the first day. Here are also some interesting things I learned from this conference. Also, this is my lightning talk video.


The Journal of Open Source Software
A developer friendly journal for research software packages. It is a nice place to publish your open source software for credits. 
A browser based graphical viewer for the output of Python’s cProfile module
A simple tool that helps you to build, run, schedule, and monitor complex pipelines of tasks. It handles dependency resolution so that tasks run in order or in parallel. 
A platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows. 
A framework for developing efficient and reliable medical imaging data analysis pipelines. 
A time series library for the Python programming language. 
Model Simulation Framework 
Easily extract data from any website. 
With this library, you can quickly and easily add the power of optimization to your application. 
3D XPoints
The next generation of storage that will revolutionize computing. 
The video of the talks are still not available. I will link some of the interesting talks from my point of view here when they are online.

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