Saturday, January 13, 2018

Convert word document to PDF with hyperlinks on Mac

Recently, I need to generate a PDF from a word document on Mac with hyperlinks in it. I found that if I directly print it to PDF, the hyperlinks will not work anymore. It searched online, and found two ways that I can have the hyperlinks work again.

First my system:
OS X Yosemite (10.10.5)
Microsoft office 2011

The solution:
Option A - Don't need internet

If you have Pages installed on your Mac, you can directly load the word document with Pages, and export it as PDF. You will happily see the hyperlinks work!

Option B - Need internet

Open a new google doc, and from the File->Open, this will open the word document in the google doc. Then choose File->Download, select as PDF. This way will output the PDF with the valid hyperlinks.


  1. OlĂ ,

    Great piece on Qingkai's Blog , I’m a fan of the ‘flowery’ style Looking forward to more long form articles ??

    i have a problem with some of my homework that i can't figure it out
    i am writing a program in c++ and i need to convert the zip code into bar code for example like this one Zipcode = 95014 Barcode = ||:|:::|:|:||::::::||:|::|:::|||
    Great effort, I wish I saw it earlier. Would have saved my day :)

    Irene Hynes