Sunday, November 12, 2017

T-shirt design competition for Berkeley Seismology Lab

This week at Berkeley Seismology Lab here, we have a competition to design a lab T-shirt for the Christmas party. I decided to design one as well. The following is my design about the T-shirt.


The back of the T-shirt is our Berkeley Seismology Lab logo, with our two favorite colors from UC Berkeley. This part I didn’t design, it is just a copy of our own logo.

Front (version 1)

I was thinking to have some nice figures in the front, but my design skills are not so good, therefore, I decided to just put some text on the front. ‘Questions about earthquakes’ will show what do we do, and a good conversation starter, it has a meaning that we are the experts, ask us questions.

Front (version 2)

This version is a word cloud generated from our mission and history page, using the Berkeley blue and yellow, the things we do here at BSL are popped up.

Front (version 3)

This version is an equation, that we - Seismologist is made up of this 3 ingredients. And the ‘+ I + =’ part is a small face by design :-)