Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wife's painting: Life on mars

The following painting is another one from my wife, it is surrealism. You can see the descriptions below from my wife and what she wants to express in this painting. Hope it can also make us think how we can do by ourselves to protect our planet. You can check out all my wife's paintings.
Consider all environmental issues we’re facing now, such as climate change and global warming, some people already think about moving human to Mars rather than dealing with the problems on the earth. Recently, Xspace rocket company released their multiplanet traveling plan, hoping to move about thousands of people to Mars by 2040. It’s a cool idea, but I don’t think it’s a good idea, especially seeing people so excited and crazy about moving to Mars. As we know, Mars is not our heaven; it has much harder and more extreme weather than our earth. There is nothing on Mars – absolutely nothing. Its temperature is from 27C during the day to -143C at night. It’s a real hell rather than a heaven. Also, if the human doesn't change their greedy and selfish nature, we still must face the same problems someday, no matter where we are.
This painting tries to show the picture when people finally move to Mars and build their cities. But it’s not an exciting picture. The city is an inanimate concrete forest. It looks like tombstone rather than a real city. It is the graves for all plants and animals which have become extinct from our earth. There is a man standing in the foreground and looking at the distant earth. He misses it, missing its colorful and vigorous life; he wants to come back, coming back to its glorious past. But who is he? We don’t know. And I really doubt whether the human can move to Mars before we total destroy our environment and our mother earth. So, it’s empty in the suite because we don’t know whether we, human beings, can really survive to see that day happen in the future. Furthermore, in this painting. Animals and plants are kept in glass cans and hung from the sky – they are the gifts from the heaven. When our environment is not suitable to support life anymore, we hope at least we can find a way to preserve them and someday they can revive in our future homeland.

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