Friday, May 6, 2016

Learning python basics

I have one friend ask me today for resources to learn python. The followings are the best ones I can think of, hope these will also useful to you.

My faverate book, and will let my students in the future to have as a reference is (if I become a faculty in the future ^)^):
This book not only covers a lot of things in python, but also a lot popular tools that used in science. 

Another good book is: Automate boring stuff with python
This book is very practical, and you can automate a lot of boring stuff with python! Go python!

The notebook gallery has lots of interesting notebooks that you can play with, this is the best way to learn python in my opinion, learn from doing. You can start with the python tutorials. A gallery of interesting Ipython Notebooks

Another great website that has a collection of good tutorials is: learning python

Scipy conference has a lot of great tutorials online, you can checkout the following link, most of the tutoirals have a link to their repo on github, so you can do this following their video. Scipy 2015 videos

If you go through all these, I think you will be quite fluent in python!

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